SMK Mold began as a manufacturer of molds supporting a variety of industries such as plastic injection molding and various metal injection molding. Over time, we began molding plastics in support of a few customers.
    We have 6000 sq meter dedicated to tooling production alone. We produce tooling for customers worldwide. With about  staff of 120 dedicated to mold production, we take the responsibility of making great tools seriously.
    SMK Mold specializes in integrated solutions that require total CAD/CAM/CAE manufacturing techniques for optimum control of quality and to meet delivery deadlines. Our professional designers work in a team environment generating complex design studies. Mold designs are directly built first in a 3D data base to show action, extraction, gates and runner locations. This Data is provided in our DFM/ESI reports to you and adjustments are made easily and quickly before we start cutting steel.
    We have just over 30 Engineers dedicated to mold development alone and work with the majority of 3D software programs.
    We offer High Production Multi-cavity tools, Proto-Type tools, Single Cavity along, multi shot/multi-color and textures as required. In addition, to save costs on low running products with multiple parts we can offer family tools or gated family tools if the designs and materials allow.
    We are an international company familiar with the design standards of the Americas, Japan and Europe. We have designed and produced in excess of 8,000 molds for both internal use and other molders.

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